10 Essential Tips for Succeeding in Business School Admissions

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When it comes to applying to business schools, there are many factors to consider before you begin the admissions process. Be aware that business is one of the most popular majors right now. As a result, the competition for business majors is particularly fierce.  Here are some tips to maximize your chances as an applicant: […]

A Well-Rounded Class of Pointy Students

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When I was growing up, everyone talked about the importance of being well-rounded. You heard this from your parents, who wanted you to be an athlete, an artist, and an academic; from your coaches: don’t just play one sport, play lots of sports; from your teachers: education is about exploration, try lots of things; don’t […]

Your Guide to Securing Stellar Letters of Recommendation


Letters of recommendation are an important piece of your application puzzle. They shed light on your academic performance, character, and what kind of student you are (and will be in college). Over half of the colleges surveyed for NACAC’s Factors in the Admissions Decision report stated that teacher recommendations have either Moderate Importance or Considerable […]

The Politics of the College Search

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At Premium Prep, students and families come to us with a wide range of non-negotiables and wish-list items for their college search. Some students want urban campuses, others want small colleges in rural areas. They may want to stick close to home, or they might be itching to expand their horizons and move to a […]

8 Questions to Ask when Hiring an Independent College Counselor

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A skilled and experienced independent college counselor can provide the essential guidance that students and parents need as they navigate the changing landscape of college admissions. With so many different groups and individuals who work as independent educational consultants, selecting the right fit can be a daunting task. Here are eight helpful questions to ask […]

How to Create Standout College Essays

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Essay season is an exciting phase of the college application journey. It serves as an opportunity to look inward and learn something about yourself. It’s important to go deep, be vulnerable, and take the chance to give the admissions team a glimpse into your world and what drives you.  Understanding the Personal Essay At the […]

Waitlist… Now What?

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“…Because of your outstanding achievements and promise…” “After careful consideration and a thorough review of your candidacy… ”…We are offering you a place on our waitlist.” Huh? Perhaps one of the most confusing and stressful admissions decisions students can receive is an offer to be on the waitlist. Essentially, instead of getting a final answer […]

Why Does it STILL Seem so Hard to Get into College?

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This blog post was originally published in 2019 and has been updated. You can see the original version here: Why Does it Seem so Hard to Get into College?  Every year around this time, I start to get inundated with videos on social media of students opening their acceptance letters. The teen is sitting at […]

Understanding Non-Traditional Application Rounds

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Colleges typically offer a variety of admission rounds to suit the needs of their applicants (you can read about the most popular in our blog post, Decoding College Admissions: A Closer Look into Admission Rounds). There are the traditional options, and then there are the quirky ones that require reading the fine print or being […]