College Counseling NY City

The College List

Alyse Levine

A successful application process hinges on the right choice of schools. Not only does every college have its own “personality,” but each is multifaceted, with distinct programs, areas of study, needs and requirements, all of which impacts (and complicates) the admissions picture. Compounding this is the range of application options–Early Decision, Early Action, Restrictive Early Action, Single Choice Early Action, Early Decision 2, Regular Decision–each of which comes with its own strategic advantages and restraints. Our counselors are experts at helping students and families negotiate these options. They have also spent years getting to know colleges intimately, visiting campuses across the country and meeting with admissions officers. Together, our team possesses a master knowledge-bank of schools, programs, and admissions criteria. Your counselor will help you shape a college list that is both smart and strategic–well-balanced, reflective of your student’s strengths and aspirations, and calibrated to maximize success.