The world of extracurricular activities is vast, and there is a lot of variance in how schools value different types of activities. What kinds of things really make an impression? How can students focus and deepen their interests in authentic ways, showing initiative, independence, and leadership? Are established summer programs worth it, or is it better to design a more “homemade” experience? What about internships, research, jobs, volunteer work, and “service”? Is it better to be “well-rounded” or “angular”? Your counselor will help you plot a course that enriches your extracurricular activities and expands your perspectives, while empowering you to present those experiences as poignantly as possible.

Working with our Premium Prep counselor was not only fun and easy, but she made the college process as simple as it could be. She planned out exactly where I needed to be at different stages of the process and always made me feel that everything was under control – a blessing when you’ve got schoolwork and are simultaneously trying to figure out where to spend the next four years of your life! She also gave very honest opinions, both when editing my essays and when discussing whether a school may be a good fit for me or not. I always enjoyed our sessions and left feeling calmer and organized. Without question, she not only helped me decide that I wanted to apply to Columbia early decision, but helped me send in the best application I could, and gave me the best chance I had for getting into the school of my dreams!

-Student Name Columbia University Student

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