Premium Prep is dedicated to helping every type of student, from the high achiever to the more academically challenged, from the most motivated to those that need that extra push. Our counselors also have expertise and experience in specialty areas, such as business, architecture, engineering, athletics, and the arts, and in helping students with learning and attention challenges. Our primary goal is to match each student with the most suitable counselor.

Premium Prep students attend a wide variety of schools, at all academic levels and in every part of the country. Because our students benefit from the collective expertise of the entire Premium Prep team, they gain exposure to an enormous range of colleges and universities, allowing for a much richer and more personalized list of “reaches,” “targets,” and “likelies.” 

We offer multiple counseling packages. Each begins with our Comprehensive Assessment, the cornerstone of Premium Prep’s approach, ensuring that your college process starts off properly. This is followed by custom college guidance from your College Counselor and Writing Specialist based on your selected package option—everything your student and family needs for a successful college process.

We are prepared to start as soon as you are ready or in need of help. Our usual rule of thumb: the sooner, the better. Students typically begin in 10th grade, but every family is different and may be ready at a different time. Just contact us, and we’ll be happy to set up a plan that is right for you.

Each student’s counselor is hand-selected to match his or her specific needs. We base these decisions on personality, academic and extra-curricular interests, student learning style, family schedule and budget. You are of course welcome to request a particular Premium Prep counselor.

Yes. Our counselors and writing specialists expertly guide students through all aspects of the personal and supplemental essays. Read more about our approach under Our Services.

Absolutely. Helping with high school course curriculum choices is an integral part of our counseling process. Read more about our approach under Our Services.

Yes. We help students and families sift through the enormous range of options and focus in on those programs that are both a good match and help students distinguish themselves. Read more about our approach under Our Services.

As part of Premium Prep’s service, we advise students on which exams to take, when to take them, and whether to retake them. Each student will have an individualized test schedule. We can also recommend top-notch tutors to help with standardized test preparation.

Yes, our counselors are well versed in need-based financial aid and merit-based scholarships. Read more about our approach under Our Services.

We are here for you and strive to accommodate your schedule. We will respond to your inquiries right away and get the ball rolling within days.

We offer multiple package plans and are happy to discuss our rates and services. Please contact us to set up a phone appointment.