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Welcome to Premium Prep’s Free Mini Program – your comprehensive guide to kickstart your college journey! Our program is carefully crafted to provide students with the essential insights and tools needed to begin their college exploration. We recommend that you begin with the video library, then dive into the additional resources provided.

Next Steps

Maximize the benefits of your mini program arranging a call with a counselor today for a detailed walkthrough of the program.

Begin with the video library. We recommend that you watch the videos in the order shown, beginning with the College Process Timeline. Use the mini workbook and handbook to organize your process. Make sure to bookmark the page for easy access.

Use the resources as you continue to build and organize your college process. Schedule a call with one of our counselors to learn how we can create a custom plan for your success. 


Exclusive Video Content

Videos to help you start your college process on the right foot.

College Process Timeline

Learn more about the college process.

High School Course Selection

Which courses should you take? Find out here.

Types of Colleges/Learning Environments

Explore the different types of college and learning environments. 

Developing Your College List

Learn how to develop a well-rounded college list.

Pro Tips and Pitfalls

Learn pro tips and how to avoid pitfalls.


Exclusive Premium
Prep Resources

Resources to help you
achieve your college goals.

Mini College Application Workbook

A condensed version of our guide to planning, organizing, and navigating your college application process. Use it to stay on track and make informed decisions!

Student Handbook

Navigate your college journey like a pro with an abridged version of Premium Prep’s Student Handbook. It’s your go-to resource for college planning, financial aid, extracurricular activities, and more!

Essay Example with Expert Annotations

Get a sense of how to craft compelling and standout college essays! Explore a real essay example, marked with expert tips to help your unique story shine through.

Admissions Readiness Assessment

Take our quick assessment to see where you are in the college application process. Each student is different, with different goals and capacities. This tool is intended to inform and guide.


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