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Our Focus: The Match

The core of Premium Prep’s philosophy is The Match—a concept that underlies our entire approach to college admissions. First, we match each student with a counselor whose expertise is best suited to the student’s needs and interests. This allows us to deliver highly personalized attention and the highest level of guidance—keys to maximizing results. Then, we strive to match each student with a list of schools that most accurately reflects those needs and interests. This not only ensures a successful process, but, more importantly, it provides the best chance for a successful college experience in the long term. Finally, we work diligently with students to match the particulars of their applications with the identity of the specific colleges to which they are applying. Like students and families, each school has its own “personality,” and our counselors have spent years getting to know colleges intimately. We also carefully match the student with a Writing Specialist who works alongside the counselor to cultivate a team approach to the student’s success. In the end, our students hold substantial advantages: they have a leg up both on getting in and on attending a school where they will flourish.