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Our Values.

Our Values

At Premium Prep, we believe that applying to college should be an exciting and gratifying experience, a time of personal growth and maturation. With the right guidance, students can clarify their goals, work to achieve them, and launch themselves into an immensely rewarding stage of life. Of course, the college process can be stressful too. We believe that demystifying it by putting clear systems in place and relying on concrete data, cumulative knowledge, and true expertise can go a long way to alleviate much of that stress and enable the highest level of success. We view every student and every family dynamic as unique, and we work to minimize anxiety while maximizing each applicant’s potential—a balance that can only be achieved by the most seasoned professionals. At Premium Prep, we see ourselves not only as strategists, but as advocates and advisors, responsible for helping students recognize, articulate, and achieve their ambitions.

The core of Premium Prep’s philosophy is “The Match”—a concept that underlies our entire approach to college admissions.