We cannot recommend Premium Prep enough! You “got” our daughter and your expertise and guidance helped her achieve admission to her dream school. Your team was incredibly responsive and supported her emotionally as well through the journey. You helped keep her on task, even after her early decision application was complete, with all her remaining applications. And when she learned that she was admitted early decision into a specialized degree program at the University of Pennsylvania, you were there to celebrate her success. Thank you for everything! We look forward to working with you again for our next child.

Testimonial Parent of University of Pennsylvania Student

Applying to college is, by nature, a stressful process. It feels like it’s you against the world, only, in this case, the world has better grades, stronger extracurriculars, and speaks 5 languages to boot. Enter, Premium Prep. These counselors have a deeper understanding of the admissions process than anyone. They excel in helping you find the school where you will do best, not just in finding the best school you can get into. What’s more, they communicate so clearly and effectively that by the end of a session, you’re the one that feels like an expert! Premium Prep helps turn the big, scary “maybe” of the college application process into the most satisfying word in the English language: “Yes!”

Testimonial Harvard University Student

All around, we were extremely pleased with the help my daughter received from Premium Prep.  The counselors that Premium Prep paired with her were the perfect - and I mean absolutely perfect - match.  I would describe them as supportive and professional, finding the proper balance between keeping things fun and moving the process forward.  Her main counselor helped her with a careful strategy to ensure she'd end up at a school she'd find desirable, and gave her suggestions and encouragement.  Her writing specialist brainstormed with her to find unique and authentic topics for her essays.  And in the end, we couldn't have been more pleased with the results - my daughter was admitted early decision to her dream school.

Testimonial Mother of Scripps College Student

Working with our Premium Prep counselor was not only fun and easy, but she made the college process as simple as it could be. She planned out exactly where I needed to be at different stages of the process and always made me feel that everything was under control – a blessing when you’ve got schoolwork and are simultaneously trying to figure out where to spend the next four years of your life! She also gave very honest opinions, both when editing my essays and when discussing whether a school may be a good fit for me or not. I always enjoyed our sessions and left feeling calmer and organized. Without question, she not only helped me decide that I wanted to apply to Columbia early decision, but helped me send in the best application I could, and gave me the best chance I had for getting into the school of my dreams!

Testimonial Columbia University Student

I just wanted to mention how pleased and grateful I am to have such a caring and competent team behind Averi. The support you have given her has provided a level of comfort and confidence that I would never have imagined during this arduous process. Though we do not know where Averi’s path will lead, I have little concern that she will ultimately find the right fit when she selects a college or university. Many thanks for all your efforts.

Testimonial Father of Current Premium Prep Student

We are so grateful that we consulted with Premium Prep for our son’s college applications. He is a bright young man, but he had not always applied himself in 9th and 10th grade, and he did not participate in a lot of extracurricular activities, so we worried that he would not find a place that would match his potential to thrive. Our counselor really rolled up her sleeves, got feedback from all of us, and helped us develop a plan that worked for everyone, especially our son. She was involved right to the end when we had to make some crucial decisions about whether to apply for a second early decision. Happily, our son found a college that thrills all of us, and we all agree that we could not have done it without Premium Prep!

Testimonial Father of George Washington University Student

We were delighted to work with our Premium Prep counselor and felt so lucky to have her in our area. She was very helpful in refining my daughter’s list and advising her on particular issues, such as the items to include with her applications. Our counselor was very knowledgeable about all of the schools and this provided much reassurance at an uncertain time. She was engaging and supportive, and on a more personal note, provided her realistic advice with such a stylish flair that it was always a treat to meet with her. She was always available to answer questions, even on very short notice. My daughter attends the university of her dreams and is having a wonderful freshman year.

Testimonial Parent of Columbia University Student

Our counselor was an incredible partner to our son through the whole process–from creating a list of prospective colleges, debating the pros and cons of large and small schools, and creating a master timetable of deliverables, right through to decision time. Our Premium Prep counselor was a very strategic advisor and carefully weighed the Early Decision opportunity with the wider application process. She had a unique ability to connect with students and this is so evident during the personal statement development – her edits, suggestions, and endless patience really helped our son express himself authentically in the applications. We respect Premium Prep and their process immensely!

Testimonial Parent of Northwestern University Student