“After years of working in both university admissions and high school advising, I recognized that there was a real need for high-level private college counseling done right. The admissions process has become increasingly complex, and families are too often left anxious and guessing. I knew there were ways to empower both students and parents, to make things more systematic and less stressful. As a parent myself, I thought about who I’d want to work with my own kids and how I’d want them to proceed. Premium Prep is my answer. We combine a select group of elite experts with a personalized approach, guiding students to a place where they can thrive.”

-Alyse Levine, Founder & CEO

Our Services

Premium PrepTM offers multiple counseling packages. Most begin with our Comprehensive Assessment, followed by custom college guidance including any or all of the following services:


Applying to college is, by nature, a stressful process. It feels like it’s you against the world, only, in this case, the world has better grades, stronger extracurriculars, and speaks 5 languages to boot. Enter, Premium Prep. These counselors have a deeper understanding of the admissions process than anyone. They excel in helping you find the school where you will do best, not just in finding the best school you can get into. What’s more, they communicate so clearly and effectively that by the end of a session, you’re the one that feels like an expert! Premium Prep helps turn the big, scary “maybe” of the college application process into the most satisfying word in the English language: “Yes!”

Testimonials Harvard University Student

We were delighted to work with our Premium Prep counselor and felt so lucky to have her in our area. She was very helpful in refining my daughter’s list and advising her on particular issues, such as the items to include with her applications. Our counselor was very knowledgeable about all of the schools and this provided much reassurance at an uncertain time. She was engaging and supportive, and on a more personal note, provided her realistic advice with such a stylish flair that it was always a treat to meet with her. She was always available to answer questions, even on very short notice. My daughter attends the university of her dreams and is having a wonderful freshman year.

Testimonials Parent of Columbia University Student

Our counselor was an incredible partner to our son through the whole process–from creating a list of prospective colleges, debating the pros and cons of large and small schools, and creating a master timetable of deliverables, right through to decision time. Our Premium Prep counselor was a very strategic advisor and carefully weighed the Early Decision opportunity with the wider application process. She had a unique ability to connect with students and this is so evident during the personal statement development – her edits, suggestions, and endless patience really helped our son express himself authentically in the applications. We respect Premium Prep and their process immensely!

Testimonials Parent of Northwestern University Student