The cornerstone of Premium Prep’s approach is the Comprehensive Assessment, our proprietary technique for starting every college process off properly. This begins with an exhaustive review of the student’s credentials—including high school curriculum, transcripts, extracurricular activities, and any special academic circumstances—along with his or her educational goals and any other relevant information supplied by the student or family. Your counselor will then complete a series of custom-made working documents that will serve as the foundation of your college process. These include a Strategic Report, detailing your child’s standing and recommending future steps, and a Preliminary College List.

Applying to college is, by nature, a stressful process. It feels like it’s you against the world, only, in this case, the world has better grades, stronger extracurriculars, and speaks 5 languages to boot. Enter, Premium Prep. These counselors have a deeper understanding of the admissions process than anyone. They excel in helping you find the school where you will do best, not just in finding the best school you can get into. What’s more, they communicate so clearly and effectively that by the end of a session, you’re the one that feels like an expert! Premium Prep helps turn the big, scary “maybe” of the college application process into the most satisfying word in the English language: “Yes!”

-Student Name Harvard University Student

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